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May Music Notes

May 31, 2022

May Music Notes


Tyler Music Academy & Guitars Etc.

From the Director, Will Burgin

Perhaps music is your child’s thing?

No doubt you have yourself or your child in music lessons because it is shown to develop a whole person and a better brain. I also know in Texas, it is hard to get past a child not really into sports. Trust me, my parents were both high school coaches at the highest levels here in Tyler, but music and theater were my thing! This caused a shift from attending football camps, to being on the road playing every weekend, earning gig money, buying expensive gear and meeting a wide variety of people I still perform with!

It is okay if your child is not into sports. It’s okay if they drum on every single item in the house. It’s okay if they are singing the same song for the 20000th time.  

If your child seems to be driven by music, even if you aren’t musically inclined, know that it is great that music is their thing. Not being a sports parent is awesome! While other parents are in the summer heat watching baseball games, you can be in a concert hall or church watching your child perform. You don’t have to worry about a lifetime injury from music (just watch out when violinists are bowing).

If your child is really into music I recommend getting them in as much music education as possible right now. If they are excelling in their instrument, ask the teacher if they think they are ready for hour long lessons or lessons twice a week. If they are a vocal student, get them in an instrument to accompany their voice. If they play already and you catch their singing getting amazing, get them in voice lessons. Get them in another instrument lesson so they have a broad scope of instruments they can play. If they plan on going to college for music, this is ideal, because it opens up the world of scholarships. One former student of mine was on a flute scholarship at SFA, but it wasn’t the full amount. When she mentioned she also played jazz bass at a high level, they auditioned her and she was able to get a full ride playing bass and flute for the school.  

Thank you for expanding your child’s mind through music lessons. Thank you for trusting us with your child’s music education. You’ve made us the largest music academy in East Texas. If music is your child’s thing, dive in and support that passion! Your child can do music for a living, I am living proof!

New Students:

Jayce G.

Caleb F.

Sawyer W.

Lillian G.

Olivia S.

Kelsey W.

Dean V.

Kason J.

Sam W.

Ethan B.

Susy L.

Jared G.

Rithwik G.

Stella D.

Mason P.

Reed P.

River B.

Bill M.

Skylar C.

Katelynn K.

Kelly B.

Ed M.

Ariel N.

Caleb C.

Vance A.

Emanuel J.

Dana E.

Connor W.

As you can see we are selling out!


It is super simple just tell your friends about us! When your friend comes in and signs up for music lessons you & your friend get a $25 Gift Card!

Everyone wins!

March 2023 Newsletter by Will Burgin
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